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We import filter paper occasion machines than 2006 made in China, and we sell it domestically.

Filter paper ... which is indispensable to an air filter or an oil filter
It is this machine to tuck them in.
However, in the filter paper occasion airplane maker, the country has few numbers, and it is the present conditions that occasion airplane in itself becomes high-priced. In addition, We can become the cause to be connected for an accident by continuing using a timeworn machine.

It is this filter paper occasion airplane when we recommend it that such a trouble can be settled.
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It is the promotion video of our filter paper fold machine.

I introduce a point before reaching the filter paper fold process - firing furnace thinking to be able to confirm it by an animation in detail.

I look by all means, and please confirm the technique of our filter paper fold machine.

If there is it, questions please let me know any questions.
Realize high efficiency by the computer control

Realization of the high operability by the touch panel operation

Low-priced realization by circulation route shortening

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