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Beijing Sanchang Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.
Xiayuan Market east, Huairou Dist.,Beijing, China
Oct. 1994
500,000 US dollers
Sino-Japanese joint venture
Sansho Kogyo Co.,Ltd.                 60%
Beijing Yongxintai industry and Trade Co.,Ltd. 40%
Masashi Takeda
Angricultyal Bank of China
Beijing Sansho Rubber Products Co.,Ltd. is a rubber production company established by financing of Sansho Kogyo Co.,Ltd. and Beijing Yongxintai industry and Trade Co.,Ltd. in October, 1994. I take in Japanese manufacturing technique, management and produce an industrial O ring, packing mainly.
The country in China is exported to Japan and Southeast Asia from the start, and the product gets trust and a favorable reception. I get the authorization of the high new technology company from Beijing City in November, 2006.

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